Philtrum Collection born from the encounter with Tonatto Profumi, the Turin-based perfume maison and has been part of the exhibition Fenoména, a sensorial installation presented at Milano Design Week 2017.
The point of departure is the paper filter, used by master perfumers, absorbing and filtering the liquid/potion during the production process. These perfume cribs, in their different diameters, are the designer’s inspiration for a collection of scented design objects for everyday’s use: two lamps and a taster for fragrances.
CAMERE OLFATTIVE - Taster for fragrances - Handmade by the craftsman glass blower. The bubble made of borosilicate glass perfectly fits the small filter, amplifying the scent with which it is impregnated. By inverting the cup upside down on the appropriate marble base, the fragrance lasts a long time and its aromatic notes remain intense with each "tasting."
Photos: T-Space
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