Philtrum Collection born from the encounter with Tonatto Profumi, the Turin-based perfume maison and has been part of the exhibition Fenoména, a sensorial installation presented at Milano Design Week 2017. The point of departure is the paper filter, used by master perfumers, absorbing and filtering the liquid/potion during the production process. These perfume cribs, in their different diameters, are the designer’s inspiration for a collection of scented design objects for everyday’s use: two lamps and a taster for fragrances. 

PHILTRUM - Fragrant floor lamp - Handmade in brass by an artisan goldsmith. A slender brass sculpture holds the largest filter and gradually spreads the scent through the heat of the light.
PHIL - Fragrant small lamp - Handmade in brass by an artisan goldsmith. A smaller version, a bedside lamp accompanies and scents your sweet dreams. The medium diameter filters meet the warmth of the light and release the chosen fragrance. An object that becomes a goodnight ritual.
Taster for fragrances - Handmade by the craftsman glass blower. 
Photos: T-Space


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