Italian designer Astrid Luglio was born in Naples in 1988. She studied at NABA—the New Academy of Fine Arts—in Milan, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design in 2011. Astrid freelanced for clients in Milan and then moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she continued to work as a freelance designer for local studios. Upon returning to Italy the following year, she began working with Milan-based TourDeFork, a design studio inspired by food and culinary culture. In 2018, she founded her own independent design studio and continues to work with clients in Milan, as well as Oslo and Naples.
Her projects are often inspired by food, its history and culture. Each piece that she works on represents a focus on the experience that that piece should generate; it is very much an approach that must be experienced with all the senses. Astrid is also part of an ongoing collective, called The Ladies' Room, with fellow designers Ilaria Bianchi, Agustina Bottoni, and Sara Ricciardi. Together they have started a reflection on contemporary design, through the creation of artifacts and experiences that investigate the renewed need for a sensory involvement.
Currently, Astrid continues with her research and experimentation, collaborating with a different range of realities, culinary and not.
E X H I B I T I O N :
2018 - Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven 
2018 - Lake Como Design Fair, Como
2018 - Arcarreda, Interior Design Shop, Milan
2018  - In Itinere by The Ladies' Room, Building Gallery, Milan
2018 - Stockholm Furniture Fair, Sweden
2017 - Julemarked, Oslo, Norway 
2017 - Ordine, Disordine, Caos by The Box + Arper, Milan 
2017 - Operæ Design Fair, Lingotto, Turin
2017 - Fenoména by The Ladies’ Room, 5Vie, Milan
2017 - Esxence - The Scent of Excellence, Milan
2016 - Operæ Design Fair, Palazzo Cisterna, Turin

Portrait by Giovanni Gastel 
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