[fenoména: what is presented to us trough conscious experience, as a means for grasping the essence of what we perceive.]
During Milan Design Week 2017, the 5vie district is hosting Fenoména, a sensorial installation conceived by the Italian design collective The Ladies’ Room. The exhibition invites the audience to actively participate in an experiential journey through the senses, as it is inspired by Phenomenalism: the principle for which physical perception is the criteria of truth and goodness. The aim of this experience is thus to comfort the body through pleasant stimuli: olfactory, tactile and auditory. Fenoména focuses on the value of the tangible: no special skills are needed to be part of it, just a body.
Video at Garage Sanremo: Sirio Vanelli
Video at SIAM: Niccolò Natali
The Ladies’ Room a collective founded by four designers: Ilaria Bianchi, Agustina Bottoni, Astrid Luglio and Sara Ricciardi. Four different personalities that, in occasion of Operae Independent Design Festival, shared the same space, the Savoy women’s room - where impressive female portraits observed them during their debut. The four friends took advantage of the case that decided to place them in that room, choosing to develop a shared poetry: talking about all of them, but also keeping their own hallmarks well-defined. In occasion of Milan Design Week 2017, the designers present their second collective experience: Fenoména.
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