“Pur riconoscendo che uomini nutriti male o grossolanamente hanno realizzato cose grandi nel passato, noi affermiamo questa verità: 
si pensa si sogna e si agisce secondo quel che si beve e si mangia.”
F. Marinetti

GLASS MANIFESTO - how to make a statement through the design of a glass.
Students at the second year of Design were called to express their own Manifesto talking about inclusion, distance, sharing, protest and fears. The ability to synthesise a clear message into a single object.  The common means of expressing their idea was a mouth blown borosilicate glass. The final result is a collection of handmade glasses, like futuristic “polibibite”, to enjoy around a table in dreamy drinking experience. 
Project developed with NABA design students - course Small Objects - Series - Accessories
Teacher: Astrid Luglio
Lights: Matteo Bellomo 

Kossara Nikolaeva Nedkova
Nathalie Roekaert
Ivy Kahuthu
Valentina Barroso
Edoardo Micheletti
Achille Meyvis
Yuhan Zhang
Elia Kastelova
Anying Chen
Núria Granolleres Pujon
Tianyi Chen
Bianka Koleva
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