The Ladies’ Room presents Sciòsciò and Partenope, two domestic amulets inspired by the city of Naples, designed for Materiæ Edizioni Napoli. 
Elements in brass, lava stone, hand-cut coloured glass and copper, both oxidised and polished, come together referencing the city of Naples. The thin metal structure flexes as if under the weight of hanged clothes, while sea foam imprints its texture on the copper surface. 
An eye-shaped pendant gleams under the sun. The whole assemblage is counter balanced by a raw piece of volcanic rock. 
A kinetic sculpture in which symbolic elements coexist and balance in an abstract suspended landscape.
An homage to the city of Naples, in which nature and artifice coexist in a subtle balance of form and meaning.
Many legends have been told about Partenope, the siren who gives her name to the city of Naples. What is certain, is that her body is earthly and her soul belongs to the waves. In this kinetic sculpture, she is represented in a joyful vital gesture, one in which its agile tail rejoins the surface, now oxidized like the seashore, now tangible as dry land. A drop of crystalline water captures the fleeting moment in a delicate balance of symbols. 

Presented in occasion of EDIT Napoli
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