This new pitchers collection designed for Ichendorf Milano focuses on the gesture of "travasare" - pouring liquids from the original packaging where they are sold to serving objects ready to be placed on the table.
Wine, water, coffee, milk, oil, vinegar each model can be assigned a different role depending on the need but also on the shape, capacity and spout most suitable. Amphorae, Carafes, pitchers, jugs, decanters, watering cans have always played a well-defined role depending on the ingredient that has been assigned to them over the centuries. Contrary to the tendency to use specific and specialized objects for each single function, these pouring forms embrace the trend of depersonalization, escaping conventional roles. Freely interpretable hybrid objects that retain their functionality and expand the possibilities of use building each time different stories
A family of products that populates and sets up the scenography of the table with delicacy and a colorful glee touch.
Photos: Alberto Strada and Foto Studio Internazionale 

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