This project is part of the exhibition: You Are Welcome, a collection of 13 objects designed by The Ladies' Room collective for Amelie Maison d'Art.

In my personal reinterpretation of the ancient Drawing Rooms, iconic places witness of the women’s evolutions, my welcoming set receives guests in their free time to drink a cup of tea together, read newspapers, set discussions and exchange opinions.
The table set is composed by a carafe, a centerpiece and a portable table lamp that sets the atmosphere in the room taking inspirations by the ancient oil lamps. The objects play with the combination of different materials such as ceramic, glass and copper. The handle becomes the "fil rouge" of the collection, a common and recognisable sign in each artifact. 
A bespoke table set designed for the Parisian gallery Amelie Maison d’Art, observing traditions with a contemporary touch.
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